From Doorman to Businessman 

It all started in the year 2000 — I was a doorman meeting and greeting hundreds to thousands of people a month. This was a very good skill set for me because I developed the mindset to tap into the minds of others, allowing me to find a resource of what people need in the world we live in today. As I communicated with tenants and shareholders, I started to develop my networks which eventually became my net worth.

All my gifts came from my passion and drive to create and make a better life for my future. They needed me and I needed them. I always wanted to maintain a habit of giving more than what I was paid for. 

If you ever have a dream in life, just go for it. Do not take your dreams to your grave. When you decided to plant your seeds for your business, please don't go where the path might lead; but go where there's no path and lead a trail like no other. 

-Pat Ellerbe